taber wedding
There was nothing about Amanda and Dillons wedding that was traditional in the sense of photos and thats is exactly what Amanda wanted. she wanted the day to be fun and more focused on the candid moments… of course we snuck in a few posed and had a blast while doing it!
first look wedding
The two chose to do a Star Wars first look , thank you to my second Shooter Tanya Plonka for catching this awesome moment!
first look
There were lots of laughter moments!
Amanda was not looking for traditional posed photos, but she sure had an awesome group of brides maids willing to have a little fun with things.
Amanda and Dillons two beautiful girls and flower girls.
When your grooms men are up for the cousin”it” challenge
The bridal party was fortunate enough to to run into any snakes on the tires.
There was an amazing sunflower field beside us and tanya and I really did try to get into it for photos but it just wasn’t an option.
I have been to a lot of wedding ceremony’s and some definitely funny , but this…..was hands down the best. Amanda wrote a lot of extra things for a friend who helped preform the ceremony and all to Dillons surprise. Of course some things he was repeating out loud were priceless and quite cleaver really.
They two had the most amazing Reception outside with a really unique wedding dance floor. Of course tanya and I spotted an awesome sunset and snuck away first. This doesn’t happen for every couple, sometimes the colors are a bit disappointing.
Lethbridge sunset wedding portrait
I Really think the cowboy hat makes the picture.
These two did the shoe game with a twist….which resulted in a bit of a dance off.
I love the look of fear on his face!
outside reception Lethbridge wedding
Those are some smooth dance moves…notice the hat?
This picture is my favourite picture ever of bride. I was just about to pack up and caught Amanda having an awesome time. Its always a challenge to post just a few photos when I deliver 600.  If you are getting married I suggest looking at a full days coverage of any photographer you might be hiring. If you are getting married in 2019 or 2020  I would’ve to chat.