We had an amazing day with Alexis and Aaron on their wedding day. The day started off with Alexis getting ready at the Norland Estate
 one of the best places to photograph in Lethbridge as a wedding photographer.

Im forever looking for interesting places to photograph the wedding details of the day and the norlands has an amazing selection, the room and building itself are amazing.

Of course like most of this Lethbridge summer weddings it was extremely hot. 

During the couples vows its always a good idea to consider 2 photographers, there are so many moments that can so easily be missed.

Of course these grounds have so many different photo ops its hard to stay focused.

Its not often I see long veils any more but when I do….We have a lot of fun with them.

I love this super cute unposed picture, these two were so cute I really could just let them be and snap away!

Early this year I had the opportunity to walk through the house, there is some amazing history. What was really interesting is this is a sears home ordered from a catalog and built.

We headed down to the river bottom for a few more bridal party pictures before heading to the reception

These girls were super brave and Im sure it was a little unnerving in heels walking across the lower bridge for a few pictures.

Aaron requested a picture with the Maserati! This was a definite must and I can see why.

We made one last stop at the top of the Galt , mostly because I couldn’t get enough of that veil.

The reception took place at the Lethbridge Coast hotel and was full of surprises, the two started their grand entry with the first dance.

There were a lot of tears, and laughter….

And then there was the McDonald’s clown… Aarons dad owns a few of the franchises around Southern Alberta. This definitely made for an interesting surprise.

Of course he had one more surprise for the couple, and had custom made coca-cola bottles made. What an awesome thing to come up with!

Im thrilled to have been able to capture your special day!  Congratulations to you both.

I always find it so hard to select just a handful of images to show a little bit from the day. if you are engaged I would love to sit down and chat and show you what a full wedding day looks like!