I realize the blog post are bouncing around a bit and not in the date that things were photographed. I figured at this point most of you might be sick of seeing wedding after wedding. After all I do photograph a lot of other things. Including families, Pets , Children, newborns and on the business end of things product photography, headshots and Business branding. I primarily shoot weddings but I do enjoy all other sessions just as much. Especially the fur babies ….who can resist them.

So on to the blog from this summer with this cute couple. I have the privilege of photographing their wedding in the summer of 2019. I can’t wait.
I may very well be going back to all the warm sessions because I really can’t wait to feel the hot sun again!

Lethbridge engagement in the river bottom

These two were so easy just having them look at each other said it all. We really could not have had a nicer day to do an engagement session.
Lots of couples always feel uncomfortable, especially if this is the first time ever having photos taken together. For this reason I always start with the super traditional posing to help brake the ice before getting into the really mushy stuff. Often I find by this point if I have taken the time to get to know the couple I may pose them completely different based on their personality types. Not everybody has the same vision for there photos. If all the photos come back and you find yourself saying that just isn’t us, I would feel I haven’t captured them at all.

Engagement session Riverbottom lethbridge

I always encourage couples and families if you want props feel free to bring some. If you have an idea I will try it, typically with my own spin but I’m always up for something different!

Riverbottom engagement Session Lethbridge
Wedding season is soon upon us if you haven’t booked your wedding photographer yet or arn’t really sure where to start, Come in to the studio say  hi. Even if we are not the style you might be looking for I’d be happy to help match you with a photographer that fits your needs and taste!

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