These two had the perfect wedding at the Apple creek golf course in Airdrie. We didn’t have the chance to view this venue before hand But it did not disappoint, it was beautiful.

I always enjoy capturing pictures of the details before the ceremony. While I photograph the bride, the second shooter will often spend the morning with the grooms men.

Getting that perfect dress shot can sometimes be a challenge in hotel room. We were so lucky to have big windows and lots of space. Alysha’s Stunning dress Was From once upon a bride.

There Ceremony was at the St Pauls Catholic church. In some churches it is requested that we take photos only during certain parts of the ceremony. We were able to get some of the best parts!

The day was definitely a bit rainy so we snuck out and hid under this lovely shelter.

I love the rain drops in this picture.

Part of the golf course was the amazing scenic view around it, just perfect for wedding pictures.
We lucked out with this stunning sunset which I may have went a little overboard on pictures with.

Just as we were wrapping up some friends and family were headed out for a quick picture on there own and found us, hard to resist with that background.
Alysha is a dance teacher , some of her students had some prepared dances just for the wedding reception. They put on an amazing show. What a talented group of girls.

Its always challenging taking a wedding day story with 650 pictures and condensing it to just a few .If you would like to view a full day wedding I would love to sit down with you in studio and go through a entire wedding collection.