Although I am well into wedding season for 2018, I have one more wedding blog from 2017.
This amazing couple was married in December. we were fortunite enough to have warm weather and the sun even came out for a bit.

I love a wedding Dress shot but the sun definitely made it extra awesome.

My husband the second shooter got to spend the morning with the guys in the Taber fire station.

The Groom was a member of the taber fire department ,When we got to to the fire house we wanted to do a wedding photo that hadn’t been done. It seemed appropriate to hang the groom upside down off the truck:)

Trudy and Dave had the biggest wedding party we had photographed to date, which made everything so much more interesting.

Towards sunset it was getting a bit chilly, nothing a warm blanket can’t fix. One nice thing about winter weddings is the light is always nice earlier in the day when photos are usually happening.
In the summer we aren’t able together sunset shots until much later in the evening, which doesn’t always line up with the reception timeline.

We were in the trees taking pictures of just the bridge and groom, when a car drove up the gravel road and created a huge dust cloud. We ran to the spot to try and get a few photos in before it went away, then it was like hey we could do it again. So my second shooter did a few laps on the gravel road, I loved how it turned out as the sun was going down.

The bride and Groom decided to do things a little different and have the ceremony in the evening. It was a beautiful evening setting, although it was certainly more challenging to shoot, I loved how it looked.

Every ring photograph we do I like to make creative and something suited to the couple. The is one of my favorites to date!

During the first dance as I was taking my own set I photos I couldn’t find my second shooter….he was tucked in behind wood pallets where the ceremony had taken place. I love this intimate picture he caught.

Every time I do a wedding blog I only post a very small amount of photos, mostly so my site isn’t slow and loading times arn’t frustrating people. I would love to show what an entire wedding looks like. If you are getting married,  book a free consultation with me and I can show you while we go over packages and options that suit your needs.