I’m still so behind on last years blog sessions, but slowly getting caught up in the off time before the chaos of wedding season begins in full swing. I like to have my photos out to my clients in a week, this means everything else gets put aside. So I apologize in advance for the flood of blog posts that are about to come.
I had the pleasure of taking part in the Scenic portrait put on by an amazing woman, Dina Larson! She has graciously put her heart and soul into organizing this event for the past 3 years to showcaseing local photographers, models, and makeup artist.
During the planning process, the team drawn randomly comes up with the concept to match the theme chosen for the year. Once everyone has completed the project the images are judged by some very extremely talented photographers. We then have a reveal where we can view all the entries. The winners chosen are featured in casa with there work. This is the image we submitted. Miranda was one of the most beautiful moms to be!
The hardest part is picking one image. With this shoot we had multiple concepts and I loved them all.
This picture although I didnt submit it was a favorite. How wet we all got shooting it …..another story.
I will be participating in the project again this year. I cant wait to see what everyone comes up with. when the results are released I will definitley be sharing the images.

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