Abby and Chris decided to have a winter wedding in Lethbridge. With a winter wedding there isn’t always a guarantee there will be snow, sometimes its bare and trees look merky.
We sure lucked out, not only did Abby have the most stunning pink wedding dress, but we had the big fluffy snow flakes to accompany them during all the photos.

We started the day at the colors hair salon, where the fabulous Katt panic did as always and an amazing job with Abbys makeup, then we headed to the brides parents for the final details. Just in time for the snow to start falling. I love this picture with the bride and her brother.

The ceremony was held at the United Southminsiter church, this is one of the biggest beautiful churches in Lethbridge.

After the ceremony we headed to Design to Dwell for some indoor photos, It gets a little chilly doing all the wedding pictures outside. We always come up with a back up plan should the weather have a mind of its own.
Design to Dwell haze amazing furniture and props to work with making it a great spot for any large or small wedding party.

The reception was held as the coast, they have a large space to accommodate lots of guests.

From the cake cut to the garner toss we are a shadow through it all, we love when couples have fun and this group was no exception.

Did you know We offer photo booths? with props , and backgrounds, digital options or printing options.

If you want to see what a full wedding day looks like, email me , Id love to show you!