Im finally staring to get caught up on the late fall blogs. Going through all the pictures really makes me wish it was not winter anymore!  I don’t like cold and if I could I would live somewhere warm like Florida. However I am starting to love the pretty snow fall pictures. If you haven’t seen my most recent sessions, check out the facebook page. It’s definitely more up to date. I like to provide couples and families with a sneak peak within 24 hrs of the session, facebook always seems like the best place to that. For anyone wondering ,all sessions including weddings have a week turnaround, more for me because I like to be caught up. Of course when we have back to back weddings this isn’t always an option but I try to keep it close, I know people can’t wait to see the images.

Now…..On to this fantastic couple, Alysha & Tom I Can not wait to shoot this wedding in in August at the Apple creek Golf course!! Arn’t they cute? !

It was super smoky the day of there session and the sky had a beautiful orange glow. 


They brought their cute puppy along for some photos, he was more interested in everything else going on. We managed to get him to sit for a few photos. I am a huge sucker for pets of any kind, they are always welcome in all sessions!

When I do any session , I always start with the traditional and safe photos, it helps couples get comfortable, once they feel a bit better about the camera ,the fun photos just happen and they are always my favorite.

Congrats to you both on your upcoming wedding. I have no doubt it will be a fantastic day. !!
If you would like to see any full sessions in including weddings send me a message through the contact page and Id be happy to set up a meeting.