The engagement session started at Alpenland, which to me seemed like an odd place but when Kira told me this is where they met it was quite fitting.

We then headed out to park lake to enjoy the beautiful fall colours that were starting. 

One of the best advantages to engagement photos is getting to know the couple before their big day. It always help to know what poses work , what they are comfortable with in front of the camera and then after the photos are delivered what they like most. 
I take the time to get to know them during the session, in this particular picture which is a favourite , I posed them like this because they both reminded me of 2 people who would enjoy a good book under a tree in the middle of nowhere, when I told them this after they laughed. Apparently I was right. 

Although it was a very smoky summer and fall, the one advantage was the amazing sunsets. Park lake definitely did not disappoint us!

This had to be one of my favourite proposal stories I have heard!! Kyle and Kira like to collect rocks. This was the perfect opportunity! He wrote on it and placed it down for her to find. This is definitely oneproposal that would have been fun for a photographer to capture. 

Who doesn’t enjoy a snuggle in a warm blanket?! These two were so fun to photograph I can’t wait for their wedding in watertown this summer. I have no doubt it will be absolutely perfect!

It is so hard to pick just a few pictures out of all the ones I deliver, but if you want to see more schedule a sit down and I would be happy to go over what an entire session or wedding looks like.