Janay and Drew will be saying vows to one another in Disneyland this year, What a fun idea, I can’t wait to see the pictures from their special day.

My family hikes a lot so I know of a few jem locations that I have always wanted to do a photo session in. It’s great when i get a couple that trust’s me enough to pick the place and just go with it, being outdoor people themselves they both loved the view.

When I met with Janay before doing their session she had really wanted a silhouette photo, however in the summer the sun goes down so late we decided to improvize. This is the first time attempting it in the heat of the day and I love how it turned out!

We found a little mini forest to sneak away for some fun pictures.

Look at that mountain view…need i say more!

I’m always looking for something different, I saw this spider web and thought a ring in the center would look so neat. Of course it didnt come to life the way I had envisioned an engagement ring shot but I love that its something new.

This photo was taken in front of Butcher lake, which has great fishing for young kids. At one point Janay , Drew and I had a great plan to do a shot of them jumping in, however we didn’t know how deep it was, for safety reason we aborted the thought. However it would have made a great shot!

If you would like to see a full engagement session , message me through our contact page and Id be happy to meet with you.

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