Randall and Anja had an intimate ceremony with family and close friends at the West Castle ski resort.
It was a little bit chilly, well maybe more than a little …but I was dressed for the day and really enjoyed the winter wedding photos.
The both chose to do something different and rather than the tradition gown and suit , they chose to do a white & black snow suit.
Giving the location of the ceremony which was down by pebble beach and somewhat of walk in, it was the warmer choice.
The ceremony was also equipped with a snow bar, fire and Warm malt wine.

We were Super fortunate to have lots of snow and still some sun poking through. It made for some stunning photo backdrops.
They both made it easy and more often then not they didn’t even notice what I was doing, and I was able to steal some real candids.

Anja is from germany and although some of her family was able to attend the wedding they will both be headed to germany in July to have a ceremony there as well. Did I mention its in a castle?…and a stunning one at that! Im very much looking forward to seeing the photos from that day!

After the ceremony friends and family enjoyed some hot malt wine around the fire, I loved the setting, such a unique idea.

This is one of my favorite candids ever, after the family session for fun we thought we would let everyone toss some snow in the air. of course the bride and groom ended up being the main target.