Newborn Photography is a bit new to me, and something I was not planning on doing.
However I recently decided why not?

I purchased everything I needed to set up a Studio in lethbridge or in anyones home. Its nice for new moms to have the option to stay in the comfort of there home during the session,. There is always a change of cloths for when those mishaps  when they happen and no one in feeling rushed.

I recently learned the amount of props I could find for new born sessions in the home, which is even better because the photos become unique to you.

This Little guy was 12 days old. Of course he was wide awake and had no interesting in sleeping until everything was packed up and I was out the door.
Although he was awake during his family session and newborn session he was super easy to pose and a happy baby.

We managed to sneak in a few family photos, the family recently bought this farm and it had the coolest wall in the master bedroom. no backdrop stand was required.

This was one of those awesome props I mentioned, he wasn’t really asleep some was a wee bit squirmy. Still loved the idea.

The family has had this tractor for over 20 years, it was neat to be able to do this picture with him as part of a long family keep sake.