Scouting for locations we headed to the dock , and  I saw these chairs ,they were the only thing visible through all the white.

Wes and Cristina were hoping to get some Winter wonderland pictures, they have been married for a few years and wanted something a little different then the beach scene.
We were super fortunate to have perfect weather for the theme in waterton. When we first arrived the fog has settled and I knew it wouldn’t last long. we went down by the Bayshore Inn to sneak some photos in before it lifted.

Wes and Christina were champs about the cold. Im not going to lie , there were times I lost all feeling in my fingers. It was extremely cold, but so worth it.

Fall is generally my favourite time to take pictures but winter is a close second, and I really really don’t like the cold but there is something magical about snow fall pictures!

Im amazed at the amount of air they both got!

I just recently purchased a wireless studio light set and thought it would be a great chance to test them out, Christina was so excited to have a back lite photo, Im surprised it tolerated the extreme cold.