winter wedding waterton

We started the day out freezing with the big white fluffy snow flakes, the ones everyone loves. Only not in Waterton on your wedding day with wind!!
Lucky for us Kira and Kyle are seasoned outdoor people and a little snow didn’t bother them even a little.

The new trend in dresses has been A hint of color, this dress was one of my favourites of the wedding season!

we met them both at the Bayshore Inn where Kira got her hair and makeup done, while the guys got ready down the hall. We love how super chill they both were.

The ceremony was the perfect mix of emotions, I love when we get a teary eyed groom.

These two have the best engagement story, check out the blog from the session here

We took a lot of breaks to warm up which meant going to multiple locations.

HAHA  we wonder who wore it better ? these are so much fun.

Waterton wedding with snowfall
We were all drenched and cold the warm up and supper was so worth it.

Its nearly impossible to sum up a wedding in a few pictures and every wedding I try to pick something different. If you would like to view Kira and Kyles entire wedding I have provided the link !!