When Judie and Danny booked their wedding we had planned on doing photos a couple days before the wedding in Lethbridge. However 2 weeks before the big day Judie mentioned wanting Evergreen trees and lots of them. Thats when we came up with the idea to head to The Miners Path in coleman.  Not much convincing was needed for the rest of the bridal party, however no one expected a blizzard when less than an hour earlier it was a perfect day.

I have never done wedding photos with so many weather variants. It was beautiful snow and hoar frost when we got there.  Anticipating having little time before everyone froze, I made it quick. That and no one brought boots but the photographer:)  After 20 minutes the sun and snow were out at the same time, followed by just warm spring sun and very little snow.
It honestly made the best photo opportunities, and Judie got LOTS of evergreens just as planned.

The couple chose to to a first look, I love the pictures leading up to finally seeing one another.

Her flowers and headpiece were so appropriate for the background setting.

Just after these photos the sun came out which was perfect because everyone was freezing.

Judie left a little message on Danny’s tie for him to read, he had no idea.

On the way Home we made a pit stop at the Burmis Tree, it was so windy and cold we had to make it quick. I think by this point I was lucky they were willing to do any more pictures and tolerate more cold.

The following Saturday Danny and Judie said their vows to one another at the Coaldale Mennonite Church, followed by the reception.

They both decided not to see each other before the wedding, so they talked through the door.

Judies decor choice complimented her dress and flowers.