I Had the opportunity to second shoot with Tanya Plonka A few weeks ago. It was a very cold day for a March wedding, something I’m sure Denise and Koos were not expecting for there almost spring Nuptials

Although it was cold we were fortunate enough to have snow on the ground, which always makes a beautiful scenery for wedding pictures.

Their wedding Ceremony was held at the Lethbridge Netherlands Reformed Congregation, after the ceremony, we headed to this cute little cafe, the Broxburn Cafe.
What a great little gem, it had such beautiful colours that complimented the wedding parties.
We were even able to sneak inside for a few photos, which was fantastic for the staff to allow us in to do and warm up.

We headed to henderson for a few winter wonderland photos, the wedding party was so great about the sticking it out in the cold even with out jackets. Brrrr!!

After warming up to nicely heated seats and a drive we shot a few more in the river bottom before heading to the Galt Museum.

There were some very creative speeches/Presentations made for Denise and Koos
Koos parents Presented him with gifts from his childhood during the slide show for him. While other family members did some skits for the couple keeping the crowd entertained.