When I met Kurtis and Jessica to do their engagement pictures is was obvious how in love they are. All I had to do was pose them and after that they made it so simple. Trying to get Kurtis to hold a serious face was quite the challenge, he just can’t help but smile!!
The Two had their wedding in the Calgary temple. I have never seen it before – what a beautiful temple with so many flowers.

They decided to do a first look after the vows, in temple weddings the couple is dressed in gowns , after the ceremony they both changed into formal wear and come out. I love these first look pictures. the expressions on both of their faces were priceless!!

These Beautiful flowers were put together by Funky Petals.

There are so many hidden gems around the temple , I just love all the rose bushes.

Rarely was there a moment where these two were’t laughing or smiling!

Jessica had a fabulous idea for the guest book, it was custom made with all of their engagement pictures.

Jessica and Kurtis decided to do a ring ceremony just before dinner for all those that could not attend the temple ceremony.

These two had the best father daughter dance ever! There was lots of spinning and twerling and a few heartfelt moments as well.

Just moments before the Garner throw Jessica’s dad cleared the room , He did not want to be a witness for it. I had to post them so Im sure he will see them now, but they were just such fun pictures.

Congratulations to you both, you are a match made in heaven!!