I have Known dave for almost 20 years and have had the privilege of meeting his beautiful fiancé Danielle 7 years ago.
They are planning a destination wedding in Mexico for june of 2017, I have no doubt it will be perfect day , what a great match you have found in one another.
Our day started with a little bit of a hiccup and I was a bit panicked we might miss the light but it was quite the opposite, We made it just in time to get some great shots.
Thankfully dave was a good sport with my continual promise of ” this is the last shot” only to find another idea just before we were going to wrap things up.
They both made it so easy, and we got some great candids to including a few unplanned falls:)
Im looking forward to your wedding in Mexico, congratulations to you both!

This is without a doubt my most favourite candid photo to date, I was not in ear shot of what was so funny but it must have been good.

This is not an enhanced sky, it really was that beautiful. We were just lucky enough to catch it just before leaving Red Rock Canyon.