What a beautiful wedding!!!! The bride had her heart set on everything fall. From the decor to the colors it was perfect.
The ceremony was held at the Waterton lakes lodge, we had everything from sun to rain to it maybe trying to snow.
After the ceremony we headed to Bayshore Inn for family photos, It was so cold.
We then headed to red rock canyon, during the first half hour it was near pouring rain. The whole wedding party was fantastic and great sports despite the cold.

This was an amazing idea, the brides necklace is the date of the wedding and the co-ordinates of their wedding place.

The Red Rock is beautiful on its own but when the rain hits it, it is amazing.

I am sure the bridal party thought I was a little crazy after promising I was done and then begging them do do one last picture in the middle of the road. It was worth it I love how these turned out, and the girls got some awesome air.