I have had the privilege of photographing this family for more then 6 years. Its amazing how much growth has happened in that time. When I first photographed Terri she was pregnant with her youngest daughter. Since I have had the opportunity to catch Erikahh’s Grad, Caidens 1 st birthday & cake smash and 3 years of family photos.

It was a little cold and windy at Nicholas Sharan Park so we hid in the most sheltered area and made it quick. The little ones were so patient with me even though I could tell they were so cold.

I love how this turned out, the leaves are so in focus and there faces in the background are priceless!

Apparently I can be out run by a 2 year old. I tried to get some pictures of him but he ran so quickly and then when I tried to get ahead of him he would face the other way. Leave it to the Leaves to bring out the smile in kids !