We had the most perfect day for Quinton and Taylors wedding. Their ceremony was at Taylors home in her families big beautiful back yard.

We headed down to the Taber campground for a few of the formals.

I love the colour of these bridesmaid dresses.

While were down there , there were 3 other weddings being photographed at the same time. I always find it interesting how ever year there are one or two dates that are extremely popular.

Although some family members couldn’t make it to the wedding , Taylor and Quinton didn’t forget to include them, what an awesome idea!

Isn’t she cute? I love photographing the flower girls  and she was so easy to work with.

I try to finish the bridal party pictures and then sneak away with just the bride and groom. this gives them a little time to just enjoy one another , and their wedding day.

The shoe game….I love it, the last few weddings I’ve done the Dj or bridal party has planned one. 

Its  always hard picking just a few wedding images to share , if you are getting married in 2019 or 2020 I Would love to sit down and show you a full wedding and chat.