waterton lakes wedding
Waterton was so good to us this year! we were able to capture a wedding couple with fire in the background, one with perfect magical snow flakes and this one with rain and fog!

We started the day off capturing their moments before the wedding at the Bayshore Inn, In Waterton.

This purse was a really unique touch !

Although these things don’t come without a few sacrifices the pictures are always so worth it. Originally these two were going to have an outdoor ceremony but it was a little two rainy. This is why I always recommend a back up plan. Shooing in the rain is always something we can work around but people don’t love sitting in wet chairs watching a wedding.

Madison & Eric were troopers! it was freezing cold rain on their wedding day. We had to take a few breaks to warm up. I don’t think I have ever seen Waterton so pretty, the fall colors and fog just made the most serine background.

mountain wedding picture in waterton
Although We always have a backup plan I reccomend if you pick a place like waterton, work around the rain. Most people book their weddings in places like this for the pictures. If your not big on getting your dress or hair wet we can use umbrellas, sheets or even building overhangs and capture the background still. The camera gear is protected with bags so as long as the group is willing we are always willing!

Bridal party picture in waterton
The view of the Piece of Wales from this point is breath taking!!

Just before we called it a day we decided to sneak in one last location down by the lake. We found this perfectly formed Heart which was awesome for a shoe picture!!

The reception and dinner was also held at the Bayshore Inn.

The shoe game expressions never let me down!!!

The DJ they Hired Applaud Entertainment was the first I have seen to do bubbles and smoke! It was really a unique touch to their dance photos, and of course a hit with the kids.

If you are getting married and still looking for a wedding photographer , come by the studio! Id love to show you a full day wedding, its always a challenge narrowing it down to a few images.