Tamara and Matt had beautiful wedding at the Norland Mansion. This venue is stunning and one of the nicest places in lethbridge to have your wedding photographed.
These two choose a rather unusual wedding party including their Dog and Cat. We couldn’t get enough of them, For a large group of people the cat did exceptionally well while Matt and Tamara recited their vows.

The ceremony was definitely not with out a hitch or two. The candles refused to cooperate with the moms lighting ceremony and one of the grooms men went down for the count.
When I met them in the mountains for their engagement session I couldn’t wait for their wedding, they are perfect for one another.

This is the biggest wedding group we have had to date.Tamara is a Dance teacher and had one of her girls in the wedding party. 
I usually start with the family photos, move on to the bridal part and then leave the bridge and groom for last. once we finished off with the groups we snuck of with the bride and Groom.
The Norlands Mansion grounds had so much to offer and so many different backdrops its easy to get carried away with photos.
If you look close in the top of this image there were a swarm of bugs always surrounding us. Although I would normally remove it I though they added some interest to the images.

The wedding reception was held at coast. Tamara’s students put on a surprise dance presentation for them. These girls are so talented!

Tamara had a surprise in store for matt he knew nothing about and until I photographed the rings. It might be hard to read the inscription as the photo quality on the blog is small, she wrote a beautiful inscription for him!

It’s always hard to cut down to just a few photos in the blog, I would love To post all 500+ photos unfortunate I don’t think my page would load ever! If you want to see a full wedding I would love to have a sit down and show you what an entire day looks like.