Waterton fire wedding couple
We couldn’t have had a more interesting day with Danielle & Cole.
It started out as an extremely hot and smoky day, Waterton had just barely gotten over the fire from the previous week.  Last year due to the fire fall weddings were cancelled so this year was a bit nerve-wracking.

One thing about wedding photography I love is catching all the emotion of the day.
This group was a lot of fun and we love to capture that.

Everything seemed to go really well and as we were photographing the bridal party in Cameron Falls we looked up to see a big huge Bello of smoke. Although it was a little worrisome it turned out that the fire had spread to the hill on the other side. There is no threat to the town but it definitely made for some extremely unique pictures.
We really had very little time to catch these pictures the colour only lasted for about two minutes before it just turned into smoke and haze although not an ideal angle or area it was the only place we could find with the dramatic clouds in the background.

I can almost guarantee I will never get anything like that again as a wedding photographer. Without a doubt it made an unforgettable day for these two.

The reception was held at the Bayshore inn, it was a little smoke filled but as the evening team to a close Waterton cleared up.