Nicole and Braden had a beautiful Day for a wedding, the two wanted to start with a first look at the research station before saying I do.

I couldn’t get enough go the flower girls dress! It was awesome. The brides colors were red and black so this dress complemented the wedding gown perfectly! Speaking of wedding gown Nicole had it customized to her taste making it very unique.

Before heading to their evening ceremony we did all the formals, some couples chose to go this way and thats why first looks are the perfect option. The reaction that comes from both couples seeing each other seems much more genuine when there are not surrounded by 200 people about to do their vows.

I love this picture, inspired by the bride maids running around with their dresses in hand , they really were just trying to cool off as it was one of those insanely hot days! It always fun to try something new.

The best part of the day was their plan to go to Broxburn vegetables and go down the slide. to get the shot I had to be dangerously close to the bottom of the slide, yes in crashing distance and it almost happened.

Everybride just needs to take five to lay down and enjoy the day!

Nicole and Braden said there vows at the readymade community hall. With an evening ceremony it was perfect.

I love when My couples are full of all sorts of emotions. this ceremony picture says it all.

When we get the chance we will snag the couple if there is an awesome sunset! Of course what would be better then adding a hummer.

These two decided to have a sparkler send off, so we decided to try something new. This image took 4 images into one to create and these two were amazingly patient in the cold while the videographer assistant and ran around the bride and groom with a sparkler. this is the best part of photography, creating something! I know there are ways in photoshop to create this, but I just don’t feel like its the same merry for. couple then the real deal.

In the interest of blog load times I pick only a select few , if you are getting married in Alberta or even a destination wedding and would like to se what a full day looks like, please book a meeting Id love to sit down with you. get to know you both and show you all of my work!.