I know it has taken a while to get this blog up. It has been an insanely busy month with weddings and fall family shoots. Everyone loves the fall colors and I don’t blame them, its my favourite time of year. Lethbridge and its Surrounding areas have some stunning foliage backgrounds to offer.
I typically like to deliver pictures edited no later then 2 weeks from the date I did the session ,and yes this includes weddings , so it seems the blog suffers a little bit. Im sure everybody is good with it that way!!

Moving on….To this insanely fun wedding we did at the beginning of August. Every now and again we get an extremely adventurous couple and Kayla and Ian were no exception. The day was full of surprises , from some fun ones, to some heart filled moments to a near disaster (not life and death) at the end of the day. Im super excited to share these pictures.

There isn’t a whole lot I enjoy more then photography, my family and animals, but cars(specifically classic and sports cars) is definitely up there. Ian’s family provided us with three to choose from. We did do a few shots with all of them at Henderson lake but this was a favourite.  This particular car had not been out of the garage much, so it was  an experience to shoot the two of them with it.

I don’t think I have ever seen a groom quite this excited. I have shot over 50 weddings and nervousness is generally the first emotion, but Ian was extatic and it showed in every picture taken during the ceremony.

I love this moment caught between the two of them during their vows.

I always ask my couples before their wedding if they plan on having a receiving line. Some of them do not want to have them for various reasons. I have done enough weddings now to know that if the bride so much as looks at someone on the way out and they are stopped with a hug…. That’s it, its game over. The receiving line happens even with the intent to avoid it.
Although these two choose to have one later I think this was a pretty effective way to get the bride out the door quickly. Although we had no idea it was coming either it sure made for a fun ending to the ceremony, and might be a great idea for a couple in the future looking for a quick escape 😉

We found this little hidden gem in Lethbridge’s somewhat new community , Sunridge.

Humor goes a long ways when trying to create the perfect image, Although I love creating poses, I also like to add some real feel to the image.
In this case Kayla actually thought they were going to drop her, and to be honest I worried they  they took my joke literally.
No bride was harmed! They didnt let her fall to far.

Without a doubt there is very few grooms that could pull off this pose so perfectly!

Kayla and Ian shared the first dance with their daughter.

Back to that near disaster….Kaylas cake had some complications appearing at the wedding, and altough it was not a situation most brides would want to be in she took it so well. I suggested someone run out and grab a couple cakes for pictures and dessert for the guests .
Its important for brides to remember that even if the day doesn’t go exactly as planned its not the details that really matter its the moments.

Congratulations to you both! Thanks for letting us capture all of those special moments!