Dave and Danielle were married in Playa Del Carmen Mexico at the Azuls Fives Resort. We were not the official Destination Wedding photographers, for once I was a guest and my husband was a groomsman, however it’s hard to resist the urge to snap some photos of my own. They even had a few spare minutes before the dinner so I quickly posed them and snuck in a few formals.
I have known dave for  20 years and had the pleasure of meeting danielle shortly after my husband and I got together.
Im so happy to see these two tie the Knot , it was almost 7 years ago they witnessed our wedding, so I’m not exaggerating when I say we were not so patiently waiting for their day to come.

Aside from the extreme hot (47c) it was a Beautiful ceremony.
Im so happy for you both!

While the bridesmaids were waiting they found the cutest little restaurant to snap some photos in, It was really unique, I loved the decor.

I wish we had venues in Lethbridge like the one in Mexico. It was all glass windows.. Of course the humidity makes it hard to see anything outside.
We had a wonderfull private dinner put on by the resort, the food was amazing, there was so many options.

My kids had a field day playing swords with Dave, these photos made me laugh going through them. Wonder who the bigger kid was 🙂

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