I was super excited to capture this stunning wedding in Fernie. Ashley and Scott were married at the lizard Creek Lodge nestled about 10 minutes out of Fernie. This time of year it was so quiet , and according to the locals we were super lucky with the beautiful weather. 2 weeks strait prior to the wedding it was raining.
I can’t say we even had a hint of rain, and I have the sunburn to prove it.

The girls had their hair and makeup done at the Sparrow salon, I Loved this salon,it was so vintage with amazing decor!

We followed the girls back to the Lodge to get ready for the ceremony, these rooms are massive,its almost the size of the average house and they allowed some different photo prospectives while the girls finished getting ready.

We had planned on heading to Island Lake , however the road was closed so we made due with some Beautiful forest settings.
Later we found a quit little pond with a ton of bull frogs sitting on the surface, the child my wanted to wade in, in gumboots and catch them. Aside from the frogs  it made a beautiful Background for their wedding photos.