This past saturday I had the pleasure of photographing this fabulous couple’s wedding at the Coast Hotel in lethbridge.
For the most part the day went smooth, with a few minor hiccups. Cassidy was one of the most relaxed brides I have come across. Her and the bridesmaides were full of laughter all morning , despite breaking the decor to hang the dresses and a wine bottle that rufused to open.

The girls got ready in the coast hotel while to groomsmen decorated the limo.
They then had a beautiful ceremony in the ballroom of the coast.
We started the family pictures out at henderson, and finished just in time, missing the downpour. After waiting it out for a bit we were able to continue our outdoor photos at Nicholas Sheran.

This dress was absoulotly stunning.

Just as they were walking out and everyone was blowing bubbles around the couple, Blake snuck in an unplanned kiss, I love it, it made such a cute candid moment.

I don’t generally post behind the scenes photos , however this was to awesome not to share. This is what it takes to make 1 little one smile.Love that the candid photographer caught this…the truth behind the photos!

This Picture is priceless! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better wow face!! That said this was the second attempt, A certain groom started without everyone, including the photographer on bottle #1. There was no wedding party or bride and he decided to pop the cork, thankfully his grooms men were more then eager to grab a second bottle.

Just before we were going to head to the reception I thought we would take one look to see if the cherry blossoms had bloomed in the last 24 hours, and they did. This was my favourite part of the Bride and groom photos. Thankfully Lethbridge has lots of  Blossom trees to pick from.

When cake cuts are the best part of the day!!!

These two are enjoying there honey moon somewhere sunny at the moment, I can’t wait to share their wedding photos with them when they get back. Congrats Blake and Cassidy.