Kendra and brett had a perfect day for a wedding. It was definitely hot, but a lot more tolerable then the rest of the summer had been.
During the limo ride to the ceremony kendra had a little mishap, her Beautiful lily bouquet had some of the center stems touch her dress, a lesson learned… don’t try to wipe the powder it leaves behind.
Everything was tried to remove the stain but it really made it worse. After photographing so many weddings there is almost always something I learn that I can pass on to future brides, this is definitely one of those times ,cutting those powder centres out is a really good idea. It created a massive stain and kendra was worried by how it might show in the pictures. For the most part I tried to photograph her from  the right side or use someone to hide it, but Of course It was photo shop to the rescue for many of the remaining pictures. Although photoshop is great in a pinch it also means a lot more hours of editing time.
When selecting real wedding day flowers be sure to ask your florist if there are any in the bouquet that cause staining.

The ceremony took place out at Bretts family farm near Wrentham. The couple chose to have an early ceremony followed by lunch. We found some neat old barns and grain bins to do a few pictures at before heading into lethbridge for more pictures and the reception at the Galt museum.

The best time to do formal wedding pictures is later in the day to catch the light as its going down, sometimes that not possible with an early ceremony and makes it challenging finding places to shoot when the sun is right above us, so instead of looking for shade I thought id try something a little creative with this old car photo.

When Brett said we had to do pictures in front of the pump jack at his farm I wasn’t sure what the significance was, but apparently he loves pump jacks and it was high on the must have photo list.
I was surprised when editing this series of photos how much I liked them.

The champagne cork pop has become a new photo trend but this is the best to date we have ever done. The groom was not shy about getting completely drenched which we did not expect. I posted the close up as well as the whole group shot to show how a second shooter can capture the more “in the moment shot ” . I am asked a lot do we need a second shooter? My answer is yes! They are meant to capture the more intimate moments, the candids, the bloopers and everything that goes on around me while I’m in the zone focusing on posing and lighting. There have been many times during editing where I love my second shooter angle more because I really didn’t get the chance to walk around my couple and see the pose from other angles.
The most important part is during the ceremony, Alone it is very hard to capture both the reaction of the groom and the bride during any part of the ceremony.

After Brett Dried off we were able to sneak just the two of them away for some formal photos in the lethbridge river bottom.

Im a huge fan of landscape photography and try to incorporate it my weddings, so when I see an awesome sunset I may get a little over excited. Fortunately these two where more then happy to sneak away for a few minutes and take some photos with me.

If you would like to see more photos from this wedding or any other wedding I would be happy to set up a meeting and show you what an entire wedding day looks like. Its hard to limit the blogs too so few photos but it’s in the interest of uploading time for the viewers. This wedding is currently one of our feature weddings, feel free to view it here

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