Laura and Brandon had a beautiful intimate wedding in Brandon’s dad’s backyard.
They chose to make there special fur baby the ring bear, he did a great job. We were able to sneak a few formal pictures in with him when he decided he had enough!
The girls got ready at laura and Brandons home starting it off right with a few mimosas.
The group was so easy to work with and so much fun. Laura and Brandon didn’t need much encouragement from me for the lovey stuff, they did that all on the own.

The day for me as a photographer on the other hand was not so smooth, During the groomsmen opening their gifts I got my hair stuck in fly tape. Apparently its a two man job to get out of fly tape. If that wasn’t enough, on the way to the reception from Park lake we got a hefty speeding ticket( I was not the driver )and to top off the evening my favourite lens hit the floor. Its injured but still works.
Aside from all that, the day went off without a hitch.
What a  beautiful couple, congratulations to you both!

Laura did a little emergency kit for all the girls, the groomsmen and groom also received one.

There were 10 father daughter pictures to choose from, all of which they were both laughing histarically because the wind kept blowing Laura’s veil into her dads face. Of course there were a few dancing ones as well. Honestly this one made the cut because he looks like one proud dad!

After the ceremony we snuck out to Park lake for the photos. The colors this time of year are amazing.

We managed to get a few pictures of the ring bear before he had enough!

Park Lake had so many little hidden gems we ended up a little late for the reception! The speeding ticket factors in here 🙂

The fire department made a special appearance! Laura’s dad was a member for the fire department and when he got married he had a chief hat made for her, so he thought it would be fitting to to the same for his daughter. Of course we couldn’t resit getting a few pictures with the truck!