Sarah and Mike had the perfect wedding day for photos. They met on plenty of fish , and what a perfect match they have found in one another.
Both the bride and grooms parents helped make the decorations including a very large Lighthouse which was made so appropriately for their ocean wedding theme, and Michael’s boat proposal.
During the reception that took place at the Galt Museum, Mikes mom had an creative speech. She had old toys from when Michael was a kid and with each one came a story relevant to his childhood as well as his marriage, what a fantastic idea with so much heart and thought put into it.
Congratulations to you both!

The Girls got ready at Day Javou, a hair studio in Wendy the owners House. What a fantastic set up for brides looking for a comfortable start to a hectic day, Not to mention Wendy did a fantastic job.

All the guest were given a glass of champagne to toast the Bride and groom at the end of the ceremony.

I love Old cars, What a fun session we had with it in front of the old fire hall.

We had 2 bottles of champagne to open….the first one had a mishap:) and the second one was given to the groom, He clearly enjoyed this! Love his facial expression.

Sarah Kept losing her shoes in the soil, eventually she gave up and carried the shoes so mike became her personal cart around until were were done the session.

The truck is mike’s other baby. Love this photo.

I couldn’t help but sneak in a few silhouettes with them, the sunset was perfect.