Courtney and Grant had the Ceremony on the Waterton boat, with 6 on each side for the bridal party things we a little squishy but it allowed us to get a little creative!
After the ceremony, we snuck up to the top deck for some photos of the beautiful lake and mountains in the background.
On the way to Red Rock Canyon, the clouds were coming in fast, I was optimistic that we would beat the rain. That was not the case. Courtney was a champ she crossed the canyon water in her dress when the rain started.
With her heart set on wildflowers, we were hoping to drive to a nice spot before the downpour, of course just as we jumped out of our vehicles it poured.
We got some fun shots and they were happy with the turnout given how wet we all were!
Congrats to you both, Thanks for being so adventurous and willing to do whatever it took to get the shot!

The Girls decided to have a little fun beating on the groom!!

The clouds were starting to look a little crazy!