When we met with Michaela for the second time, I finally had the pleasure of meeting her fiancé Michael.  I of course could not help but notice his strong accent, this led into a very interesting story of how these two found one another. Michael is from Ireland, and until meeting Michaela online he had never been to canada. The two met each other through an online book review…The Wheel Of time Series By Robert Jordan. From that point on they hit it off. Michael came for his first visit 4 years ago for Michaela’s graduation, and has since moved to canada two years ago to be with Michaela. What a great way to find your life partner!! All the best to you both.

We had a great time capturing there day, There were a lot of laughs. these two were hoping to have a good mix of candid and posed pictures, they made it so easy to do both

While the Bride and bridesmaids were getting ready the groom and his groomsmen were playing cards.