I have known Lisa for a few years and when she asked me to do her wedding I had no doubt it would be a blast!
The ladies started the morning preparations at Colors hair salon and had their makeup done by the fabulous Katt Panic. Lisa had many tears before we even left the salon, thankfully she was given a good technique to keep it from smearing.
We went to the river bottom to do pictures, with the fall colors its hard to resist. Unfortunately the hour went quick and I had about 15 min left for the Bride and Groom. They made it easy and we got a few fun shots to!
In the evening during the speeches lisa’s mom welcomed Steven to the family in a very Newfoundland traditional way. Otherwise known as the NewfoundLand Screetch-In Ceremony. The pictures explain it all, but in case anyones curious I have Recited the Screechers Creed and what it entails compliments of Lisa.
“Even the most landlocked mainlander knows that the traditional Newfoundland Screech-In ceremony means kissing a cod. Why? Because, kissing the cod meant a simple bon voyage to those who were sailing South and returning with the rum! Don’t be shy, they never get tired of a nice kiss from an attractive Come-From-Away! Master of Ceremonies, asks the one being screeched in, “Is ye a Screecher?” the reply is “Deed I is me old cock, and long may your big jib draw!”
Deed I is: Indeed, I am. Me Old Cock: And old English Cockney term of endearment, meaning buddy or friend. Long may your big jib draw: A mariner’s term meaning good luck – may there always be wind in your sails.
Reciting the Screecher’s Creed Everyone: “From the waters of the Avalon, to the shores of Labrador, We’ve always stuck together, with a Rant and a Roar. To those who’ve never been, soon they’ll understand, From coast to coast, we raise a toast, We love thee Newfoundland!”

Steven Kept The laughs coming during the ceremony.

I love these red bushes , They only last for a few weeks before the color fads.

The groomsmen(and Groomswomen, Stevens sister) wanted to wear super hero shirts and do some creative pictures. I love how they all turned out.

Steven wasn’t walking down the pathway…he was dancing! it was a common theme of the day:) They were all so much fun.

These are the pictures that go with the creed, the hat he has to wear, the shot(Im really not sure what it was but By the look on his face it wasn’t good), The fish kiss , which steven took to a whole new level and the gig!

Lisa and her son Isaiah had a beautiful Mother – Son dance