When Lexi approached me at the last Diamonds Bridal Show in January and asked if I would do an 1800 style wedding I couldn’t wait until October!
She more then surpassed my expectations with the amount of effort that went into planning the day!
Not only were the dresses hand made by a very talented friend of hers, their was also so many fine details put in by Lexi her self.
They even bought many antique items from the antique store lining the halls with them to really give it an ethnic feel.
Lexi also purchased an antique real silver cutlery set for the supper. Which the dinner was made and put on by the family and bridal party.
I don’t think I have ever seen one group of people do do much prep work for a wedding!
Every detail was done by them, and it really showed in the uniqueness.

I love their first look expressions! They both were overjoyed.

The back drop and decor in the pictures were all made by hand from the groomsmen, it was an amazing display.

We managed to sneak out for some outdoor pictures, although it was really cold. Lexi Was a trooper, her shoes where getting stuck while randy was dragging her along for the walk. 🙂
This was a special spot for them as this is where he proposed.

Lexi kept it together for most of the day, we managed to catch that one moment.

I think hands down this is my favourite series of Cake feeding to date!